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462 Keap


462 Keap Street 

Williamsburg, NY

42,000 sf of residential apartments


The main facade has several layers of rain screen panels to provide variation across its wide street frontage. Open glass balconies and large windows allow ample light into the open interior layouts. 


The through-lot configuration of the site provided many challenges, including access and parking. Please see the Case Study below.

apartment interiors

The irregularly shaped through lot site has a high parking requirement yet a limited practical envelope to fit in the residences and the parking spaces. The Owner had been advised by many that the site would have to be divided into two lots and two buildings in order to avoid the parking regulations, trading one set of additional costs for another.


We came up with a solution of tightly designed spaces, both open and covered, by carving out the back of the first floor. All spaces were located on grade, with only minimal paving costs to satisfy the parking requirements. 


This project is one of the many where we employ creative and tightly crafted parking layouts to avoid the construction costs of excavation and column transfers. While it’s not a glamorous part of the project, parking savings allow for vibrant designs while keeping budgets in line.

Keap Case Study
CASE STUDY: Fitting in the Parking
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